The Oxford historians' discovery of Vienna

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If you would like to have much more than a standard tourist experience and see the sights of Vienna, one of the great cities in Europe, in an informed and indepth way; if you would like to combine intellectual vigour and aesthetic pleasure, high culture and coffee-culture, you should consider Indepth Art Tours. At Indepth Art Tours, we offer lecture-tours, i.e., talks, prepared and delivered by established specialists, followed by visits to museums/art galleries/architectural monuments. The lectures take place in the informal atmosphere of a café and provide an intellectual background to the art in focus. For more information about our company, who we are and what we do, please, see “Overview.” For short descriptions of the lecture-tours we offer, please, go to “Lecture-tours.” In “Vienna Tips,” you can find information on current art events in the city and short essays on some of the people and places that have shaped Vienna over the centuries.

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