The Oxford historians' discovery of Vienna

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A Holy Roman Empress Painted by Leonardo

In 2008, The New York Times published an article announcing what had been a rumour in art historical circles, i.e., the discovery of a new Leonardo painting. A work by Leonardo da Vinci is, of course, the ultimate cultural possession and, not surprisingly, the news stirred the waters among art lovers, collectors, auctioneers, etc. A…
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Schumpeter: An Austrian Economist at Harvard

Joseph Schumpeter (1883-1950), the famous Austrian economist, who spent most of his life teaching at Harvard, was and has remained something of a celebrity. One wonders, though, if the section in the Economist, which bears his name would have been flattering enough for a man, who seemed to know no moderation in his ambitions.  As…
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Matters of Identity: How German Are the Austrians?

After the First World War, the position of Austria was that its people, to all intents and purposes, were German. Therefore, Austria asked officially to be incorporated into the German state, to which it naturally belonged. After the Second World War, Austria claimed the exact opposite. Look as hard as they might, Austrians could detect…
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