The Oxford historians' discovery of Vienna

Our Concept

The Concept behind Indepth Art Tours, Vienna

As the name of our company suggests, we aim at providing an indepth experience of art, which approaches paintings, sculptures, and architecture as visual documents of an age.

We are motivated by the belief that a well-informed viewing of a work of art, grounded in indepth knowledge of the wider cultural, religious, political, and social context of the period, is an immensely enriching human experience.

We offer, therefore, what we call “lecture-tours” of some of the most culturally significant monuments and museums in Vienna, one of the great cities of Europe. In this way, at Indepth Art Tours we combine two different formats, which are rarely brought together – an academic one, organized around lectures, delivered by established specialists in the field of art and cultural history and a tourist one, which offers visitors a first-hand experience of art and culture.

The lectures will be prepared by a team of scholars with Ph.D. degrees from top universities in Britain and the US (Please, see our list of Consultants). They will broadly follow the tutorial system at Oxford and Cambridge, i.e., there will be a maximum of 5 participants who will meet with the lecturer in an informal setting (typically, a café).

Each meeting, lasting for two academic hours (90 minutes), will be tailored according to the individual interests of the participants. The purpose of these meetings will be to provide an intellectual background in art and architectural history, politics, cultural and religious studies, which will be directly relevant to the museum/art gallery/sight that will be visited.

Organization or how to proceed

For all available lecture-tours, please, go to “Lecture-tours”, where you will find a short description of each event. Once you have chosen a lecture-tour, you need to fill in the booking form and click on “Send.” If you have any further questions or in case you experience technical difficulties, please, send us an e-mail at: [email protected]

A lecture-tour consists of a talk followed by a visit to a museum/art gallery/architectural monuments. The lecture will take place in a café (You may see the section “Vienna Tips” for an overview of some of the famous coffee-houses in Vienna) and last for two academic hours between 10 and 11.30 a.m. The two-hour visit to the museum can either follow directly or take place in the afternoon between 3 and 5 p.m. You will have the opportunity to indicate your preference in this respect in the booking form. Places in the café and tickets to the museums will be pre-booked by the organizers. The maximum number of participants is generally capped at 5 to promote a tutorial-style discussion.

A lecture-tour costs 150 euros which includes the treat in the café(*). The price of the museum tickets is not included. According to a client’s preference, the payment can be done in two ways – either the whole sum is transferred in advance or a 50-euro advance payment is made and the rest of the money is paid in cash at the beginning of our meeting. In case of a cancellation made at least with a 24-hour notice you will be refunded entirely. For late cancellations, 50 euros will be retained.

(* This includes one hot drink and a cake or a corresponding order.)