The Oxford historians' discovery of Vienna

Last Days of the Raphael Exhibition in Vienna

The exhibition of 130 drawings and 17 paintings by Raphael at the Albertina in Vienna is the result of the cooperation between the Albertina and the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford. Most of the drawings were displayed at a hugely successful exhibition in Oxford over the past summer. You can see our review of the Oxford show here:

Exhibition poster, Portrait of Bindo Altoviti, National Gallery of Washington

In Vienna, you can see basically the same drawings with the addition of some of Raphael’s most famous paintings – The Virgin with the Blue Diadem (1511) and St. George (1505) from the Louvre, The Madonna dell’Implannata (1511) from Florence, etc. As can be expected by an artist who was single-mindedly dedicated to the celebration of beauty, the exhibition leaves visitors with the heightened sense of having been part of a wonderful world, a feeling that is probably akin to the one created by a Mozart opera.


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