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Churches of Vienna

Architectural Walking Tour: Churches of Vienna - From Gothic to Baroque

This guided lecture-tour will start with the spectacular medieval cathedral of Vienna, St. Stephan, which is perhaps the most famous Gothic structure in Austria. After looking at St. Stephen’s within the context of developments of Gothic sculpture and architecture in Europe, the interaction between architecture and ideas in theology and popular piety in the High and Late Middle Ages, we will move to two Baroque churches in the vicinity – the Dominican Church and the Jesuit Church, formerly the University Church. The Baroque style, with its Italian inspiration and local, Austrian variations will be discussed within the framework of the culture of the Counter-Reformation and the role of the religious orders, especially Dominicans and Jesuits, in the transfer of artistic and religious ideas and the stop of the astonishing progress of Protestantism.
NOTE: This guided lecture-tour includes a 15-minute walk (from St. Stephen’s Cathedral to the two Baroque churches).

    Lecture-Tour: Churches of Vienna



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