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From Heroic Nudity to Erotica

“The Nude: From Heroic Nudity to Erotica” at the Kunsthistorisches Museum

In many ways, the nude figure is the defining genre of Western art. In this guided lecture-tour, we will consider sculptures and paintings from classical Antiquity until the 18th century. We will analyze the functions of nudity at different historical periods – from Greek and Roman ideas of nudity as an important component of heroic appearance through representations of Christ to eroticized images of female and male beauty. The nude will become our starting ground for discussing changing ideals of beauty, shifting norms of sexuality, as well as the religious, political, and cultural connotations of the body in Western culture.
Note: Please, note that the Kunsthistorisches Museum is closed on Mondays.

    Lecture-Tour: From Heroic Nudity to Erotica



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