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The Architecture of the Ringstrasse

Architectural Walking Tour: The Historicist Architecture of the Ringstrasse

This guided lecture-tour will consider some of the landmark buildings along the celebrated Ringstrasse, the large boulevard constructed in the second part of the 19th century, which surrounds the First District of Vienna – from the iconic Opera, through the Parliament and the University, etc. to the Town Hall. The Ringstrasse architecture is one of the most spectacular ensembles of European Historicist architecture, which relied on a revival of major styles of the past (Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, etc.). It will be viewed as a visual expression of a stage in the cultural history of the Habsburg Empire in the aftermath of the revolutions of 1848, the rising bourgeoisie and the image it wanted to project of itself.

Note: This guided lecture-tour includes a walk of around 30 minutes.


    Lecture-Tour: The Architecture of the Ringstrasse



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