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The Wonders of the Baroque

Architectural Walking Tour: The Wonders of the Baroque (the Belvedere Palace and Karlskirche)

We will start at the Belvedere Palace, built in the 18th century for Prince Eugene, the great military commander, and later bought by the Empress Maria Theresa. The palace, which became “the wonder of Europe,” has all the elements of a Baroque princely residence – from the lavish buildings of the Upper and the Lower Belvedere to the Versailles-style garden. No less magnificent is Karlskirche, the large, imposing church from the same period, which still dominates Vienna’s skyline. While looking at two of the most impressive examples of Baroque architecture in Europe, we will consider how current ideas of power, the relationship between man and God, etc., associated with the rise of absolute monarchies and with the Counter-Reformation, expressed themselves in concrete visual terms.

Note: This guided lecture-tour includes a somewhat longer walk, around 30-40 minutes. There are stairs along the way (in the Belvedere Garden) and, therefore, the tour is not recommended for people with reduced mobility.

    Lecture-Tour: The Wonders of the Baroque



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