The Oxford historians' discovery of Vienna

With degrees in art history from Oxford and Edinburgh, Clemena has also a background in English and American Literature and Cultural Studies. Her D.Phil. doctorate at Oxford was supervised by Martin Kemp, the well-known Leonardo da Vinci specialist and the philosopher Paul Crowther. It was published as Space, Time, and Presence in the Icon: Seeing the World with the Eyes of God, (Ashgate Publishers, UK, 2010).

Clemena has taught art and cultural history courses for universities in Bulgaria, Morocco, and the UK. She has pursued research at the intersection of art history and theology at institutes for advanced studies in Edinburgh, Brussels, Vienna, and Cologne. In Vienna, she worked with one of the most influential philosophers of our time, Charles Taylor, for his project “Religion and Secularism.” At present, she is an Affiliated Fellow at the Institute for Orthodox Christian Studies in Cambridge and teaches for a summer programme at Oxford.

Clemena is based in Vienna, where she has been living with her partner since 2011.