The Oxford historians' discovery of Vienna

Educated at Harvard and Princeton, Manu worked for a number of years as a fund-raiser for various academic institutions, including Columbia University in New York, where he was Associate Director of Donor Relations, the Manhattan School of Music and Carnegie Hall. After completing a M.A. in Medieval History at CUNY in New York, Manu moved to Princeton. While pursuing his Ph.D., he was a Visiting Instructor for a year at Bryan Mawr College, where he taught medieval history and art history courses. In 2012, Manu was awarded a Ph.D. degree in the history of medieval Europe at Princeton with a dissertation on “Domenico Calalca and Vernacular Hagiography in Late Medieval and Early Modern Italy (1320-1600).” Since then he has been a Research Fellow at the Austrian Academy of Sciences, where he works on Latin and vernacular hagiography.

Manu, who is originally from India, has spent most of his life in New York, speaks also Italian, French, German, Spanish, and Portuguese and uses Latin in his work. He has been based in Vienna since 2012.